Family Violence

Empowering our families and communities to cultivate safe spaces and with others. We provide support services and promote awareness to break the cycle of family violence.

If you are in danger and need urgent help, call 111

How we can help

Family violence is a serious issue affecting many families in New Zealand, particularly in Pacific and Māori communities. The Fono supports and advocates for those affected by family violence by providing pathways or programmes to raise awareness, to heal and to prevent it from happening.

Family Harm

We're a short-term intervention service for Pacific whanau referred by the NZ Police, who have experienced harm or violence in the home.

Non-violence programmes

We offer an 18-week non-violence programme for men and women who live in Auckland. Designed to address beliefs and behaviours around family violence.

Safety programmes

A free 10-week safety programme, designed to help you deal with the effects of violence, feel more confident and take steps to move forward with your life.

Whanau resilience

To create strong, resilient communities so whānau can live violence-free and eliminate violence for future generations. We provide free long-term recovery support for whānau, after completing a non-violence or safety programme.

Pacific Community Navigators

Assistance for Pacific leaders in the church and community with family violence prevention and promoting safe practices within Samoan, Tongan and Cook Island families.

Get in touch

We encourage you to talk to us if you need support. If you want to learn more about our services and programmes above, reach out to us today. A member of our helpful team will get in touch with you within 1 - 2 working days.

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We work closely with a lot of agencies

We partner with many agencies to help families be safe and educate about family violence.

Here are some of our partners we work with, to help you make the right decision for you:

  • Department of Corrections
  • Ministry of Justice
  • NZ Police
  • Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)
  • Kainga Ora Housing
  • Family Action counselling
  • Lifewise - parenting programmes
  • Womens refuge
  • Community Law