Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are a must for routine check-ups, helping us to catch problems in hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. They are safe and an essential tool for our experienced dentists. We recommend yearly dental check-ups for maintaining your oral health, including examinations and X-rays.

photo of a male dentist showing dental x-ray on a computer screen to male patient

What to expect

Two types of X-rays are typically used: Bitewing X-ray, are standard x-rays that capture images of your upper, lower and back teeth. They give a clear view of areas between the teeth, under existing filings and, help identify gum disease and cavities. A small device is placed inside your mouth and you'll bite down to hold it in place, for both sides of your teeth. Bitewing X-rays is commonly used for your routine yearly check ups.

Panoramic X-ray, also known as OPG x-ray (Orthopantmagram), captures a wide view image of your entire mouth in one go. This includes your teeth, upper and lower jaws, jaw joints and surrounding muscle. This helps your dentist get a good overview of your mouth, especially those hard to reach areas. Panoramic X-rays identify tooth root issues, infections, and un-erupted teeth like wisdom teeth, particularly in cases of severe tooth pain. We recommend taking a panoramic x-ray every five years. While X-rays are taken, the dentist and dental assistant will step out of the room for a moment.

How we help

At The Fono, the Bitewing X-rays are offered in all dental clinics. The Panoramic X-ray machine is available in the City central clinic. We ensure patient safety through:

  • using protective aprons and short exposure times.
  • x-ray equipment that is licensed and inspected by state and local authorities.
  • levels of radiation exposure far less than most radioactive medical imaging technologies and natural sources.
  • keeping it quick and non-invasive.

Costs for the X-rays vary:

  • $95 for an exam with Bitewing X-rays
  • $15 each for any additional Bitewing X-ray
  • $110 for a Panoramic (OPG) X-ray