Medical Fees


Below is our pricing* for GP consultations, nurse consultations, driving licence medicals, insurance medicals, ECG, WINZ forms, flu vaccines, travel vaccines, nebuliser equipment, repeat presecriptions, cryotherapy, minor operations, circumcision, dressings, contraception, cervical screening, pregnancy tests and more.

GP CONSULTATIONS 0-13 yrs 14-17 yrs 18-65 yrs65 + yrs
Enrolled Patients - Eligible for Government Funding***(15 mins)Free$12.50 $18.50$10
Not Enrolled Patients - CASUAL(15 mins) $35 $35$70$70
Non Residents(15 mins)$70$70$70$70
NURSE CONSULTATIONS 0-13 yrs14-17 yrs 18-65 yrs65 + yrs
Enrolled Patients - Eligible for Government Funding***(15 mins)Free$5$10$10
Not Enrolled Patients - CASUAL(15 mins) $35 $35$35$35
Driving licence medical(Adults)$60
Insurance - medical & legal(Adults)$150+
ECG non-urgent$10-35
ECG with consult$10
Doctor home visit$150
WINZ forms(+ Consultation fees)$5
Flu vaccines(Not enrolled patients)$40
(Enrolled patients, noteligible for free vaccine)$25
(Under 15 years of age)$15
Other vaccines & injections(Conditions apply)$10
Travel vaccines(Conditions apply)POA
Nebuliser equipment(Per patient)$5
Repeat prescription phone/pickup$10
Cryotherapy - Nitrogen (wart treatment)(Varies)$5-20
Minor operations$60-500
Dressings(Non-ACC, enrolled)$5-15
(Non-ACC, non-enrolled)$15-30
(Supplies - 3 days)$5-20
Jadelle insertions(30 minutes)$45
IUCD insertions$30
Cervical smear$20
Pregnancy tests(Negative test)$10
(Positive test)Free

General check-up / medical exam

The Fono’s GP’s can provide a general health check-up which includes things such as questions about your personal and family medical history, height and weight measurements and a blood pressure check.

The doctor may also look at your eyes, ears and throat, test your cholesterol level and blood sugar, and if you are at risk they may record your heart waves with an electrocardiogram. If you are a heavy smoker your doctor may also suggest a chest x-ray.

If you are worried about something specific such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke in your close family, you can also ask your doctor.

A typical medical exam / consultation / check-up can include:

Height / weight check
Blood pressure check
Cholesterol level check
Blood sugar test
Throat check
Ear check
Eye check
Electrocardiogram (for those at a higher risk of heart disease)
Chest x-ray (for heavy smokers)


The Fono is a community trust striving to deliver high quality services at a low cost. In order for us to deliver on these promises, we need all patients to pay their accounts.

From the 5th January 2016 all patients will be required to pay their consultation fee BEFORE seeing the Doctor. Charges will apply if you do not cancel and do not attend your appointment.

Please do not be offended when our staff ask for payment when you arrive.

If for any reason you are unable to pay for your services at the time of your appointment please mention this to our receptionists when you make your appointment, who will discuss options with you. You are also welcome to see the Practice Manager to discuss your payment plan options.

Thank you for choosing the Fono as your primary care provider.

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