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HEAD OFFICE  |  PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)   |  LOCATIONS  

PHONE 0800 366 648
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Housing remains an uphill battle for many families, and living in cold and damp homes causes a wide range of health issues.

In a warm, dry home the family may have more space to spread out around the home, rather than having to crowd in the same room. Having more warm rooms and more sleeping spaces available means germs such as strep throat, which can lead to Rheumatic fever, asthma and respiratory infections are less likely to spread.

Follow these tips and your home could be cheaper to heat and more comfortable to live in, and you will be helping to protect your family from health problems.

Insulation is one of the best ways to keep your home warm. Find out if your home is insulated. If it isn’t, you may qualify to have insulation installed for free.

  • Free call EECA ENERGYWISE on 0800 358 676
  • Some local councils have programmes that could help you get free or subsidised insulation. Contact your local council to find out what is on offer in your area
  • If you have a Community Services Card and find you need to move, you may still be eligible to get help with insulation at your new place

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The Fono works with local housing providers and may be able to help you or connect you with the right people if your children keep getting sick because of cold, damp, unsuitable housing. We can help if you’re struggling to find suitable warm, dry housing and don’t know where to turn.