1 Nov, 2023

3 tips for a more comfortable pregnancy

Pregnant mothers illustrated banner

While baby is growing, your body is going through many changes. Our Healthy Babies, Healthy Futures team has rounded up a few tips for a more comfortable pregnancy.

1. Try to get 30 mins of movement each day

Keeping your body moving helps improve your circulation, making you feel more relaxed and improving your mood. But it’s not always easy to find the time or motivation! Here’s some things you can try to help make it a bit easier.

  • Walk to a friend’s house who lives nearby and get them to walk you back – then you can both get a good bit of exercise
  • Make a plan to meet somewhere and instead of driving, walk and give yourself a little treat when you get there
  • If the weather isn’t good, or if you don’t want to go outside, you can even pop on your favourite TV show and just do 30 minutes of stretching in your lounge. Easy as!

You’ll be surprised the difference it can make to how you feel.

Illustration of pregnant mother sleeping

2. Try sleeping on your left side

Finding a comfortable sleeping position in your last trimester can be very difficult. Always listen to your body, but if you can, try lying on your left side. Sleeping like this can help improve blood, oxygen and nutrient flow to baby. It can also decrease swelling in your legs and ankles. And if you’re suffering heartburn, it can help reduce stomach pains in the night. This will also put less strain on your back, helping you relax into a deeper sleep.

Illustration of pregnant woman drinking water

3. Drink plenty of water

Water provides essential hydration and helps flush toxins. By drinking roughly 9 cups (2-3 litres) of water a day, you are helping your body circulate nutrients to both you and baby! But that doesn’t mean downing a litre at a time when you remember as that will just have you running to the bathroom sooner. Taking regular sips of water throughout the day from a 2L bottle will keep you from being thirsty and save your bladder! As well as getting enough hydration for baby, you’ll have more energy and reduce the risk of constipation. As with any tips, always do what feels best for you and baby. If you have persistent discomfort that you are worried about talk to your Midwife or Doctor.

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